One Source Code – Multiple Operating Systems (Win, Linux, Android, iOS, Embedded) – “Industrie 4.0 Ready”

The SCADA system developed by e-GITS GmbH is a state of the art software. Developed in collaboration with a leading multinational machine supplier, this SCADA system is innovative and highly flexible in nature. All requirements of a modern production tool are completely met by this software.
The SCADA system has been developed using the “Qt framework” which allows the software to be deployed on almost every Operating System. All this is possible by using just one source code. With one source code it runs almost everywhere – Desktops, Embedded Systems and Mobile platforms.

Some facts

  • SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
  • component-based Software
  • Intelligent Alarming
  • User Management
  • Calendar
  • Reporting
  • Gesture – Multi-Touch

Some more

  • Database-oriented System (e.g. PostgreSQL)
  • Recipe Client/Server
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Trending
  • Logbook
  • Multilingual – language setting
  • 3D Graphic

Feature Overview


The software architecture of SCADAeverywhere is completely component-based. We followed a Service oriented architecture (SOA). Each software component is a software package that encapsulates a set of related functions (or data). With this design all features can be used as a single application, for instance Alarming. This principle results in components referred to as encapsulated. The entire SW architecture is reflected in appropriate UML models.


The Alarm Module offers a wide range of features. It allows the view on Realtime and Histrical Alarms. All alarms can be assigned with a specific password level for clear/quit. The configuration is very simple due to the design. Each intelligent component provides their set of alarms.

User Management

User management is an important and critical part of maintaining a secure system/machine. Ineffective user and privilege management often lead many systems into being compromised. Therefore, it is important that your client can easily protect the machine and the production through simple and effective user account management features.

Recipe Management

The Recipe Management allows to create Tool/Equipment Recipes and/or Module/Process Recipes,. All recipes supports Versioning, Encryption, Export/Import, Authorization, Classification and Traceability. All these factors combine to produce a powerful and secured handling of sensible production data.


Action Logging – Record the actions that users are performing. An important factor for production analysis. Additionally you can also record all process/machine relevant data/events. This allows to get a transparent view of all machine related events.

IO Mapping

Assign physical Hardware IO’s with logical IO’s, Inputs, Outputs, logical components. The assignment can be done in an easy way by our graphical interface.

Calendar Scheduler

shift calendar, week schedule…


Trigger for e-Mails, Text Messages. The equipment communicates important messages (e.g. errors, preventive maintenance…) to the outside world. Acceleration of reliability.


The trending module provides all process or machine relevant data in a graphical way. Multi-channels view, selection by time or channel, line charts log. or linear, 3D-charts, e.g. Plot charts


Make all kind of data visible. Like a Throughput-Analysis, Top-Ten-Alarms, Alarms by location, Production reports, MTBF, MTTR and much more

Preventive Maintenance

Systematic inspection, increase Production Uptime, Planned and condition based maintenance, Reduction of System failures, Operating hours, consumption, distance, …

3D Graphics

3D Graphics for Machine visualisation is the next consequent step to a more user-friendly HMI. We’ve develop a method to import the CAD data of a machine/equipment with less effort. The output is 3D Graphic of the production tool. This graphic allows all kind of a modern User Interface, e.g. Zoom in. With this approach for instance is the visualisation of any kind of any manufacturing resources perfect solved.


Powerful translation Management – our software makes it easy to run a multlingual SCADA System. You can add other languages by using the Linguist Language editor.

MultiTouch, special gesture, touchless control

Today more “access points” for control and monitor a machine have to be supported. All kind of devices should be consider this means on the other hand a flexible intuitive User experience is required. Our software provides the user with standard touch gesture, but also sepcial gestures can be easily integrated. Also check out our demo “Touchless control”.