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One Source Code – Multiple Operating Systems (Win, Linux, Android, iOS, Embedded) – Industrial 4.0 Ready

PLCeverywhere is a good example for the topic “Digitization” when it comes to Industrie 4.0. A key element of Industrie 4.0 is the easy access and transparency of machine data. PLCeverywhere is available for Android, iOS and Windows (incl. mobile). We achieved this by using the Qt framework. This light weight application communicates Twincat® based PLC system and provides live machine data.  Its a seamless mobile PLC control monitor system for smart factories and home automation.

Some facts

  • Network Scan
  • Watchlist
  • Monitoring
  • Charts
  • Live data stream

Some more

  • Multiple PLC connections
  • Easy access
  • Read / Write variables
  • Store Set of variables
  • Restore variables

Feature Overview

Multiple PLC's

Full network scan. The application provides a list of detected PLC’s within the network. The user can select for communication one or more PLC’s.

Browse variables

Browse all defined variables within the PLC. All variables will be listed and can be selected into a watchlist.

Condition Monitoring

Monitoring one or more preselected variables. Select one variable or monitoring multiple variables. This allows the user to get detailed information about the conditions of each data.


The watchlist function allows a selection of a set of variables/tags. Those variables/tags can be blong to one or more PLC’s. The configured watchlist can be stored.

Available in Google Play Store and iTunes

PLC Supports:
– TwinCat®, Beckhoff®

Restrictions (non-commercial free version):
– 200 variables in max.
– 10 variables for live view
– Runtime limited to 1 hour

Beckhoff and Twincat is a registered trademark of and licensed by Beckhoff GmbH

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