Smart QMS

Quality Management System

We practice the QMS for appropriate quality standards and procedures to ensure the completeness and conformance to the business requirement specifications and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner. It has aligned with efficient resources, well defined Process and Systems to perform the quality heights. In addition to that we exercise the periodic quality audit to measure the adherence to the quality standards  regardless of its size or the nature.
We always strive for better results constantly improving our Quality Assurance methods and procedures. Also the QMS has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization).

Overview QNS

Tools we’re using:

  • XStudio®
  • JIRA®
  • Squish®


Squish are registered trademark of froglogic GmbH
XStudio are registered trademark of XQual
JIRA are registered trademark of Atlassian